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Property Protection

Caribbean GeoTextile Tubes are a fast and relatively inexpensive method of Hurricane Storm protecting a homeowner’s property. The aesthetically pleasing sand colored tubes are hydraulically filled with on-site or imported sand and placed along shorelines for erosion control.

Caribbean GeoTextile Tubes have the highest UV protection in the industry and their durable rip-resistant fabric minimizes damage caused by debris or vandalism. Since geotextile tubes are considered "soft" armored structures, they are generally easier to permit than "hardened" structures such as riprap or concrete. Our experienced engineers can assist the project designer in selecting the right products and the right design to provide a long lasting and functional structure.

GeoTextile Dunes and Cores

Dune Cores are shore structures that are constructed parallel to and landward of the beach. GeoTextile tubes and bags used as an environmental defense Hurricane Storm Protection can reduce the intensity of wave action that could damage property. The GeoTextile tubes and bags are filled with sand, covered with sand to blend naturally into the environment abd extend its UV life. Covering the dune or core also protects against puncture. Dune cores have survived severe tropical storms, thus continuing to protect property after the sand cover has long since been stripped away. It has also been found that, GeoTextile tubes, when covered, create a resilient core for vegetated dunes to protect upland property and infrastructure from erosion and storm damage. Your Bahamas and Caribbean project can be greatly enhanced by using our proven technology. Contact SDMI dba Caribbean GeoTextiles for more information at 770-831-8111

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