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GeoTextile Fabric Formed Articulating Block Concrete Mattresses

GeoTextile Articulating Block Mats are unique GeoTextile Fabric forms that have been reinforced with high strength cable and connect to each other in one continuous mat according to the size and dimensions required by each individual job. These geotextile mattresses are then pumped with concrete in-situ as an armored concrete block mattress. This mat creates an armored protection against Hurricane Storm erosive forces, wave action, erosion, wind waves and more and are highly efficient and stable. Our cable-reinforced articulating block concrete mattresses can be used as protection against frontal abuse by wave action. Concrete Mattresses are highly suitable as armoured protection for breakwaters, GeoTextile tubes, shorelines, embankments, canals, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, underwater pipelines, bridge piers, groins and jetties, channels, landfills or anywhere that damaging wind or wave action, propeller wash, ship wakes, currents, hurricane action create a threat.

New Environmentally Friendly Methods

Articulating Blocks created from GeoTextile Concrete Mattresses are quickly becoming the most popular method of Hurricane Storm Protection because of their proven effectiveness as armored protection especially in marine applications. For example, when using geotextile tubes that have been filled in place with dredging spoils and positioning these tubes as breakwaters, and covering these geotextile breakwaters with articulating block concrete mattresses, the cost savings can reach as much as 50% from older methods such as rip rap breakwaters. Articulating Concrete Block Mattresses are successful in protecting against storms or hurricanes. We believe the popularity of creating GeoTextile Breakwaters armored with GeoTextile Fabric Formed Articulating Block will continue to grow rapidly around the world. The cost savings are quite impressive but this method also saves time, sometimes cutting the time factor in half, and cutting the manpower needs as well from using rubble mound. Lifespan of both rubble mound or rip rap breakwaters is comparable to geotextile breakwaters arormed with articulating concrete mattress, but the cost difference is causing the marine construction industry towards the use of the cable-reinforced articulating concrete mats.

How Are Articulating Block Mattresses Made?

Articulating Block geotextile mattresses are created with many pockets connected by reinforced cables and an interwoven perimeter, connected with grout ducts. On-site concrete is then flowed into these  pockets forming a concrete mattress of concrete blocks. The outer edges joining the concrete blocks become hinges, allowing articulation. The cables bind the concrete blocks in a mattress, allowing articulation. The geotextile fabric formed concrete mattresses can then be used as armoring against Hurricane Storms   wind and wave action, erosion, weather threats such as hurricanes. Popularity is skyrocketing because of the cost savings ease of installing, with minimal manpower needed.

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