When GeoTextile fabrics are used in products such as geotextile tubes and bags in the Bahamas being used for  Hurricane Storm Protection turbidity or erosion control. In Bahamas,  GeoTextile Tubes and Bags have seen a rapid growth in popularity when dredging or excavating to store silt and sand from dredge spoils. Theses dredged materials are then dewatered to be used for replenishing beaches or creating brand new land mass, protecting levees, creating breakwaters or groins or protecting shorelines and coastal areas. Another product used in the Exumas and Bahamas to help control erosion whether on sloped culverts or embankments, or even to armor geotextile breakwaters is Formed Fabric Concrete Systems such as Articulating Block or Enviromat Concrete Linings.

Bahamas geotextile tubes and bags or fabric formed concrete products are commonly used for erosion control, embankment reinforcement, breakwater armor, rip rap replacement, concrete slope paving, underwater cable protection and more. Engineers and Project Managers for marine applications have quickly learned they can save on their budget by replacing rip rap with our geotextile tubes, bags, turbidity curtains and the filled-in-place concrete fabric forms. If you have a dredging project or erosion control project, contact us to learn more. We can ship anywhere in the Bahamas there is service including Abaco Islands, Anderson Cay, Back Cay, Exhumas, Flamingo Cay, Grand Bahama, Belle Island, New Providence, Andros, Biminis, Eleuthera, Long Island, and Spanish Wells (partial list) and cities such as George Town, Nassau, Freeport, West End, Lucaya, Andros Town, Marsh Harbour, Dunmore Town and more.

In Bahamas and Exumas, GeoTextile Tubes, Bags, Silt Barriers and Turbidity Curtains effectively protect shorelines and coastal areas, lakes, ponds, reservoirs, rivers and canals and provide erosion control and turbidity control. They also help soften wave action, thus acting as a breakwater or erosion control mass. If deploying as a breakwater in the Exumas or Bahamas, our environmentally friendly and cost effective geotextile tubes, when placed on top of each other in a triangular shape, can act a a breakwater to stop wave action and create a calm marina or bay. This method is about half the cost of using rip rap and come in a sand color to blend with the environment or standard black. Pair a collection of geotextile tubes that are armored with fabric formed concrete mattresses or UV coating and you have a breakwater just as effective as the costly rip rap that is rated to last as long as a rip rap breakwater built in the Bahamas.

For Project Managers or Engineers in Bahamas that need to refurbish a beach or create a new beach, we have the perfect solution. By filling geotextile tubes or bags with the dredging spoils from a dredging or excavation project solves two problems. It gets rid of the dredging spoils cheaper than hauling it away to a pre-built dredging cell, and it solves the problem of obtaining materials to build a beach or fix up a beach. The Bahamas growth for geotextile products has been phenomenal. If you project incudes silt barriers and turbidity curtains, look first to Geotextile tubes and bags. For dredging, using an excavator to dredge creates massive turbidity. Instead, by using a cutter suction head dredge and pumping directly into geotextile tubes in the Bahamas or Exumas will create virtually no turbidity. Your client will love you! GeoTextile tubes and bags have many uses including Dredging Spoils, Food Processing, Industrial Waste, Soil Reinforcement,  Mining Dewatering and Sludge Lagoon Caps.

In the Bahamas, GeoTextiles can be successfully used for Breakwaters and Reefs, Shoreline Protection, Engineered Sandbags, Jetties & Groins, Land and Marsh areas, Coastal Protection and Seawalls and Revetments. GeoTextile Tubes and Bags are environmentally and can be filled with dredging or excavated spoils, of which the spoils can be dewatered and used in land applications. Fabric Formed Concrete Products can be used in breakwater armoring or sloped embankment protection and save money because the product is lightweight to ship and the concrete in poured on the job site, saving shipping costs. Cost savings is also seen in deploying fabric formed concrete products as the manpower necessary in the Bahamas is light.

In the Bahamas, Fabric Formed Concrete has proven to replace older methods of erosion control. Bahamas products such as Articulating Block are being used on sloped paving or breakwater armoring. In the Exumas and the Bahamas, other fabric formed concrete products include Enviromat Concrete Linings, Filter Band and Filter Point Concrete Linings, GeoMatrix Polyester Geogrids, and Uniform Section concrete linings, as well as our subsea products.

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